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Wii Rules

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Proposed Rules For District Wii Games

Teams to consist of 4 participants. Companies with smaller numbers may play one or more players twice to complete their entries. All players must be under 18 on the day and must be bona-fide members of The Boys’ Brigade and The Girls’ Association.

2. At the discretion of the convenor, more than one team from a company may be entered. Subsequent teams may be put in a separate league if there are sufficient entries.

3. Teams will not travel to play but will make their own arrangements to play at their own venue and results will be communicated by e-mail to the convenor by the due date for comparison with their opponents scores. More than one match may be played on any one occasion.

4. In the event of a draw, or if there is more than one league, a LIVE play off may be arranged for the Broadleas Fete. This will be the only game involving travel.

5. At the convenor’s discretion late results may result in points being given to the opposition.

6. Convenors decision on all matters is final.

7. Any complaints to be sent to the convenor accompanied by an offer to take over running the event.

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