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Single Rank Drill

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These movements are based on Elementary Drill in the Drill Book, Chapter 4.
The squad will march into the arena in file, take up a position at the rear of the hall on the right side and turn into line facing the front.
The squad will formed conventionally, i.e. tallest on the right.

1. Advance in line in Quick Time to the front of the hall
Turn about
(Part way back) Mark time for at least 10 paces
Forward (to rear of hall)
Halt, and turn about.

2. Advance in slow time
(After a few paces) Incline to the left
(On nearing the other side of the hall) Incline to the right

3. Move to the right in quick time
Right wheel
Turn to the right and cross the hall
Turn to the left, left turn
Left wheel
Halt (approximately in start position for movement 1)
Turn left into line

3. SIX (6) paces left close
SIX (6) paces step forward
SIX (6) paces step back
Advance in quick time
Move to left, left turn (at front of hall)
Left Wheel
Left Wheel again at rear of hall
Move to left, Left Turn
Halt (in centre)
Incline to the right
Salute to the front

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