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The uni-hoc pitch will be identified in the sports hall and will have specific boundaries to show if ball leaves field of play. If ball does leave field of play then a free hit will be given to the opposing side. Shin pads must be worn - no pads, no play.

Games will be played 5 minutes only one way, with substitutes only for injury.

Teams cannot score in their own half.

Players must not swing or place stick above waist height (approximately 2' 6"). If this occurs a free hit will be awarded to the opposing side.

If defenders enter their own penalty area to gain specific advantage a penalty award will be given. This decision will be at the discretion of the referee.

If an attacker enters the opponent's penalty area then a free hit will be awarded to the goalkeeper.

The goal keeper may save with any part of the body or stick and may kick the ball. Balls must not be thrown out by the keeper but may be rolled underarm.

Players must not kick the ball, but may stop the ball with their foot prior to hitting it with the stick.

The goals will be "benches/forms".

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