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Junior Team Games

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The Junior team games on the day will be

1.Throw and Sit

2.Swap the Bean Bag.

3.Heading the Football.

4.Reverse Tunnel Ball

Here are the rules for all games


1. Each team will consist of 6 boys.

2. Boys must wear non-marking training shoes.

3. Each game will start on the whistle.

4. A team will be considered to have finished when ALL the team members are sat down with arms folded and legs crossed.

Heading the Football. (Each team to supply 1 football).
The team forms a line, with a boy standing 9ft from the team facing No. 1 in the team. The boy throws the ball to No.1 who heads it back and then runs to the back of the team. Each boy has a turn until No. 1 is back at the front of the team.

Tunnel Ball. (Each team to supply 1 football).
Front boy of each team rolls the ball through the legs of the team to the back boy. This boy then runs to the front. This is repeated until all the boys in the team have had turn.

Swap the Bean Bag. (Each team to supply bean bag).
The boys sit in a line. Draw two circles about half a metre in diameter, one 3m in front and one 3m behind the team. A beanbag is placed in the front circle. On whistle, no. 1 runs forward and picks up the beanbag, transferring it to the circle at the back of the team, then returns to sit in his place. Once he is sitting no 2 runs to the back circle and takes the beanbag to the front circle and returns to his place. Remaining players do likewise, always transferring the beanbag to the opposite circle. No. 8 takes the beanbag from back circle to front circle, by which time a hoop will be placed there by an officer. No. 8 picks up the hoop and places it over the pole.

Throw and Sit. (Each team to supply bean bag).
The team stand in a line, except no. 1 who stands about 4m away, facing the team with the beanbag in his hand. When the whistle blows, no. 1 throws the beanbag to no. 2, who immediately throws it back to no. 1. No 2 sits down. No. 1 throws the beanbag over no. 2's head to no. 3, who throws it back and sits down, and so on - the last boy throws the beanbag to no. 1 who then collects the hoop and places it over the pole.

Reverse Tunnel Ball. (Each team to provide a large ball).
The team stand in a line. Draw a line on the floor about 6m from the front of the team. An officer or chair will stand approximately 10m from the front of the team. No. 1 is given the ball. On whistle no. 1 (holding the ball) runs around the officer/chair, then back towards the team as far as the 6m line on the floor then stops, rolls ball to no. 2 and stays at the line facing the team. No. 2 then runs with the ball around officer/chair and runs up behind no. 1 and rolls the ball through no. 1's legs to no. 3 and so on. When you reach no. 8 he goes through the same process and rolls the ball through his team's legs (no. 2 to 7).
No. 1 then turns around to collect the ball as it emerges from the tunnel. He then runs to an officer who will be stood on the start line with a hoop. The ball will then be swapped for the hoop and no. 1 puts the hoop over the pole.

We will be doing all 4 on the day and please remember you must bring your on equipemnt on the day many thanks

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