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Child Protection


All pictures of people under the age of 18 appear only with consent from their parent(s) / guardian(s).

Christian names may be used on the site, but names and photo's of under 18 year olds will never be put together.

Some photos may be "stock photos". This means that they are either photos in the public domain (i.e. already published) or those that are archived in the webmaster's photo or graphic archive.
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All Boys' Brigade groups (Companies) in the UK follow Child Protection guidelines and rules set by the Boys' Brigade Headquarters (viewable here). In addition, each Church should have additional guidelines and rules as well as a Child Protection Officer who will take responsibility in the event of a Child Protection issue arising.

Adequate Child Protection is essential and we recommend that you ask a BB leader for more details of your Churches' Child Protection procedures.
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The best advice for children using the internet is to ensure that you never give out personal detail, such as your full name, address, telephone number, school, etc.
If you are a child or young person and you receive an email or meet someone on line that you are at all concerned about, it is ESSENTIAL that you tell a parent, guardian, teacher or a responsible grown up.

For more information about safety on the internet, we suggest that you visit the CBBC's guide to safe surfing by clicking here.
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Privacy Policy


We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. That is why we have created this Privacy Policy which lets you know how your personal information is processed and used. We promise that we will take steps to use your personal information only in ways that are compatible with this Privacy Policy. These policies are only in effect for the BB:Somerset Website (see "links" at end of this page).
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We may collect information submitted to us through forms and emails. All information collected by us is kept private. You will be made aware of who will see your details before you send them. We DO NOT sell, give away, or pass on information to third parties unless otherwise required by a court of law in compliance with the law. We will not collect any information about you without your knowledge and consent.
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Photos submitted by Companies for publication on this website are done so on the understanding that all copyright is passed on to this website. This web site does not accept any liability for any photograph submitted and published, although compliance with this site's Policies will be validated before publication. Failing this, they may be rejected with publication denied.
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Links to other sites

Our site contains hyperlinks to other Web sites. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy practices and the content of external web sites though they will have been given a basic check. We encourage you to check with those sites own policies.

We advise cautious use of
any Social Networking sites, such as BeBo and Facebook, and all users are to beware of any comment that may be made on their Page or their or anyone else's Wall that could be considered libellous, malicious or mischievous which may result in legal action being taken following Police action. Please THINK CAREFULLY before writing!
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If you have any concerns, please contact us.

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