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1. 2 pieces are to be sung.

2. Either accompanied or unaccompanied.

3. One piece compulsory, straight choral performance or with actions.

4. 1 piece own choice, imaginative piece with actions or straight choral performance. If this piece is not from Brigade publications then please send a copy with the completed entry form.

5. Title of own piece to be written on the entry form.

6. Not less than 6 boys, not more than 20. All boys to be members of the competing section and to wear the correct uniform.


As per Figure Marching Handbook 1991 Edition with the following additions:-

1. Boys must wear the correct Boys' Brigade uniform.

2. Each section should consist of not less than 6 boys and not more than 20.

3. Length of marching -

6 - 10 boys - 3 to 5 minutes.
11 to 20 boys - 5 to 8 minutes.

4. Sections may mark out the area they wish to use.
5. Points will be awarded for the following:-

a) Inspection.
b) Swinging of arms properly.
c) Keeping time to the music.
d) Turning corners neatly.
e) Starting and finishing at the halt.
f) For variety and imagination.
g) No whistle to be used during the performance.

6. At least 2 movements from the handbook are to be included in the programme.

7. The only commands to be given are -

a) Quick March.
b) Section Halt.


1. Teams shall consist of one 1st year, one 2nd year and one 3rd year boy.

2. Questions will be based on the Junior Section Award Scheme - one question from each section. i.e. Spirit, Mind, Body, Community, and Creativity.

3. Scoring - 2 points for the correct answer from the questioned boy. If he cannot answer but another member of the team does then 1 point will be given.

4. Maximum time for answering questions is 30 seconds.

5. Topics for questions to be distributed at the start of the Autumn session.


1. 1st year - picture, using coloured pencils or felt tip pens. Own choice of theme.
A4 size only.
2. 2nd year - painting, using poster paints or water colours. Own choice of theme.
A4 size only.
3. 3rd year - design a stained glass window using whichever materials preferred.
A4 size only.
4. Entries may be brought on the day of the competition or sent to the person stated on
the entry form prior to the event.
5. All entries to be in place prior to the commencement of the competitions.
6. The name of the boy and the company to be written on the back of the entry

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