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1. Pause between movements until a Judge indicates that you should proceed.

2. If it is considered necessary to re-position the squad between movements (or during a movement as a result of a mistake) such movements will not be marked providing the Judges are informed of your intention first.

3. Whilst it is in no way intended that the person giving the orders if "marked" please remember that if movements are omitted or the squad fails to execute the movement set because the incorrect command is given, marks may be lost.


Fall in at the rear of the hall on the right side facing the front, standing EASY with the Colour at the Order.

1. Attention
Carry Colour
Slow March
Lower Colour for a minimum of Ten Paces
Carry Colour
Left Form from the Move to the Move
Right Form from the Move to the Halt
Present the Colours (As if to a Minister in Church) Wait Five Seconds
Receive the Colours
Judge will ask Ensign to demonstrate the Order, Slope and Carry

2. (Whole movement in quick time)
Right Form from the Halt to the Halt
Five Paces step back
Right Form from the Halt to the Move
Halt (at end of hall)

3. Left Form from the Halt to the Move
Left Form from the Move to the Move
Three Paces to the right
Lower Colours
Wait Five Seconds
Carry Colours
Order Colours

N.B. If the Ensign is giving commands, there is no need to give colour movement commands aloud.

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