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1.1 From time to time situations arise that are not covered by the rules. As these situations arise any decision made by the Sports and Competitions Coordinator and Event Organiser will apply.

1.2 A canteen may be available at all competitions. The Host Company will be invited to run this.

1.3 Entry forms and cheques to be returned to the Event Organiser. All companies must reply irrespective of whether they are entering the competition or not. Companies will not be permitted to attend events unless the Battalion Capitation is paid by the date specified by the Treasurer and the National Capitation is paid by the 1st January of each year. Entry forms will not be accepted via e-mail.

1.4 A telephone number will be stated on the Entry Form for all outside events. Please ring prior to leaving for the event in case of cancellation.

1.5 Trophies. Any Company winning trophies must pay a £10 post-dated cheque for each one. If the trophy is not returned the following year then the cheque will be
cashed. This is to ensure all trophies are returned on time the following year.
No cheque no trophy.

2.1 Staff Sergeants may only take part in:-
a) Band Competitions as Drum Major.
b) Colour Party Competition.

2.2 Where a competition is run on an age group basis the age of the boy on the day in question will apply with the exception of the Squad Drill.

2.3 Each boy must be a member of the Company he represents.

2.4 Once Junior Section boys have been promoted to the Company Section (i.e. May/June) they may take part in either Company or Junior Competitions (but NOT both on the same afternoon) until the end of the session they attain their 11th birthday.

3.1 Each Company entering any competition must ensure that an officer - Lt/WO - accompanies boys to each competition.

3.2 Any person (supporter, officer or boy) using bad language during any event will be asked to leave the premises and boys will not take part in any further events that afternoon.

3.3 Registered Officers (Warrant Officers, Lieutenants or Captains) in or out of uniform shall not smoke on any Battalion event.


4.1 Points will be awarded in each competition as under:-

1st place 10 points, 2nd place 9 points, 3rd place 8 points, etc..

4.2 The following competitions will count towards the Creedy Shield:-

5-a-side football; swimming; figure marching; choir; quiz; handball; team games; athletics; music appreciation; craft and public speaking; unihoc;
6-a-side football.


5.1 Points will be awarded in each competition as under:-

1st place 10 points, 2nd place 9 points, 3rd place 8 points, etc.

5.2 The following competitions will count towards the Albrow Shield:-

5-a-side football; 6-a-side football; cross country; squad drill; band; 5 man colour party; 3 man colour party; 8 line/novice drill; PT; first aid; BB quiz; top section quiz; swimming; tug of war; team table tennis; 11-a-side football; athletics; individual bugler and drummer; craft and public speaking; ultimate dodge ball.


6.1 Points will be awarded in each competition as under:-

1st place 10 points, 2nd place 9 points, 3rd place 8 points, etc.

6.2 The total points from all Junior and Company Competitions will be added together at the end of the session and count towards the Challenge Shield.

6.3 The team chess competition results will be added at this stage.


1. As per Table Tennis Association rules.

2. Teams to consist of 3 players.

3. Home team to arrange date, time and venue with the away team.

4. The winning team to notify the Sports and Competitions Chairman.

5. All matches must be completed by the date stated on the notification letter.


1. Junior and/or Company boys may take part.

2. Teams to consist of 3 players.

3. A time limit of half an hour will be allowed.

4. If the time limit is reached, the remaining pieces on the board will be counted as under:-

a) Queen 4 points.
b) Rook/Castle 3 points.
c) Knight 2 points.
d) Bishop 1 point.
Pawns will not be counted.

5. The "touch move" will apply.

6. Maximum 3 minutes per move.

7. The highest number of points left on the board will be deemed to be the winner.


1. As per Football Association Rules.

2. Home team to arrange date, time and venue with the away team.

3. The home team to arrange a referee and a match ball.

4. Each team must supply a linesman.

5. Duration of the match will be 70 minutes.

6. The winning team to notify the Sports and Competitions Chairman.

7. All matches must be completed by the date stated on the notification letter where possible or alternatively notification must be given to the Sports and Competitions Committee Chairman of the re-arranged date.

8. 3rd year Junior boys may be included at the discretion of the Company.

9. Shin pads must be worn - no pads no play!



1. Teams consist of up to 6 boys.

2. The competitions will be run on a knockout basis.

3. Each round will be the best of 3 pulls.

4. Daps, training shoes or football boots are the only footwear approved to be worn.


1. The competition will be run on an individual and team basis.

2. The competition will be open to all company and Senior section boys.

3. Companies may enter any number of boys in the individual event.

4. Companies may enter a maximum of 2 teams in the team event. Boys names to be entered on the entry form (3 boys = 1 team).

5. Each Company sending a team(s) must send 1 Officer who will assist with bankside safety and will transport the team(s) to and from the meeting place.

6. All contestants must hold a valid local Water Authority Licence. These will be asked for by the Competition Stewards. Boys who forget their licences on the day will not be allowed to take part.

7. It is adviseable for contestants to bring refreshments to be consumed at the river bank.

8. Each swim will be marked by a numbered peg, and a competitor may fish from any position downstream of his peg to within 10 metres of the next.

9. The water may not be disturbed until the signal to commence fishing is given.

10. Only keepnets of approved patterns are to be used, and each contestant must have their own keepnet.

11. All fishing must cease at the pre-arranged signal.

12. Any competitor interfering or obstructing another may be disqualified.

13. All fish shall be counted and weighed in and must be returned to the water alive.

14. No competitor will be weighed in with litter at his peg.

15. All swim cards to be handed in to the person weighing in at the end of the contest.

16. A competitor playing a fish at the final whistle will be allowed 10 minutes to land the fish and it shall count at the weigh in.

17. Amendments to the above may be necessary to keep within the local club rules, and all amendments will be noted on the entry form.


1. Teams shall consist of up to 4 boys - the positions of the first 3 boys will count for points.

2. The competitions shall be run on an individual and team basis. Therefore companies may enter any number of boys in each section.

3. Each company shall be allowed a maximum of 2 teams in each age group.

4. The Officer in Charge must supply a list of boys' names to the official running the competition prior to the commencement, and this should state which boys are in the A and B teams.

5. Company Section boys only may take part.


1. The competition will be run on an individual basis.

2. Each match will be 3 games, and each game will be 21 points. To win a game there must be a difference of at least 2 points. This will only apply depending on venue, number of tables available and number of boys participating.

3. It is advisable for each boy to provide his own bat.

4. With the exception of the above rules the normal rules as per the Table Tennis Association will apply.

5. The first 3 places in each age group will count towards the Team Table Tennis Trophy.


1. There shall be two competitions, for squads in either 2 or 3 ranks. The same movements and rules shall be used for both competitions, which shall run concurrently.

2. Squads may be Company or Joint Company. A 3 rank squad shall comprise 12 boys, and a two rank squad 8 boys, under the command of an Officer, N.C.O., Senior or Staff Sergeant.

3. A squad may enter ONE competition only, though it will not be necessary to indicate which one they will take part in until arrival at the venue.


4. The competition will consist of 4 sets of movements from the current edition of the BB Drill Book and inspection.

5. Marks will be awarded as follows:-
Four drill movement - 25 marks each 100
Inspection and General Turnout 25
Maximum marks 125


1. Companies or joint Companies may enter 1 squad of 4 Company Section age boys. (N.C.O's included but not Staff Sergeants). The maximum total ages of the 4 boys in each squad must not exceed 56 years. No boy may participate in more than one squad, though a boy acting as commander for one squad may compete as a member of another.

2. The Squad Commander can be a boy, N.C.O., Staff Sergeant or Officer. (Not helper or instructor).

3. Each squad will be inspected. Squad Commanders will not be marked but deduction may be made from the overall inspection marks if improperly dressed.

4. Marks will be awarded on the same basis as the Squad Drill Competition as follows:-
Inspection 25
Four Drill movements - 25 marks each 100
Total 125


1. There shall be two competitions:
a) "Two Colour" - comprising a unit and Queen"s (or second) Colour, with 2 Colour Bearers and 3 Escorts; and
b) "Single Colour" - comprising a single Colour, with 1 Colour Bearer and 2 Escorts.

2. Company and Senior boys of any rank up to, and including Staff Sergeants in their first year of appointment, may make up a Colour Party.

3. Marks will be awarded as follows:-
Inspection 25
Colour Party Drill and Bearing 75
Maximum Marks 100

Any movement in the paper not fully described in the BB Drill Book shall be marked at the discretion of the Judge.


The playing area will be a badminton court or similar. The area will be divided into three sections, two attack zones and a neutral zone. Teams consist of 5 players whose combined age must not exceed 75 years. Match results will be decided on a best of three sets format. The aim of the game is to eliminate the opposing players by hitting them with a "live" ball at shoulder height or below. A live ball is one that has not bounced or hit a wall or ceiling. Any ball that has bounced can be collected without elimination.

The game will begin with 3 balls placed along a centre line on the playing area with the team members stood on the back boundary line of the court. On the ref's whistle each team rushes forward to claim the balls. Once a player has a ball it must be returned to the attack zone before it can be thrown at the opposition. The ball can be carried back to the attack zone or passed between players. Players must remain within the attack zone at all times with the exception of collecting dead balls from the neutral area. Players can still be eliminated whilst in the neutral area. At no time is a player to enter the opposition's attack zone.

A player is out when:-

- a live ball hits their body or clothes.

- an opposition player catches a live ball. The attacking player is then out. If this occurs an eliminated player from the catcher's team is allowed back into play.

- the player leaves the playing area. If you catch a ball and momentum takes you off the court, then you are still out. There will be ball boys around to retrieve stray balls.

- if a player is hit by a live ball and then the ball is caught by a team mate the thrower is eliminated.

- however if a live ball deflects off a number of players before bouncing, they are all eliminated.

- a player can block a live ball with the ball that they are holding, but if they drop their ball they are eliminated. A player can parry a live ball to a team mate and if caught the thrower is out.

Once eliminated a player stands in a line outside and to the side of the court in the order in which they were eliminated from the game. If a player catches a live ball the first team mate (longest eliminated) in the queue rejoins play.

Please be honest as this can be a very fast game. There will be referees whose decisions will be final. Anyone blatantly cheating, arguing or acting in an unreasonable manner will not be permitted to play in further matches.

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