The Boys' Brigade in Somerset

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This is the official website of The Boys' Brigade & Girls' Association in the county of Somerset.

Why not join in the fun?
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Founded in Glasgow in 1883, The Boys' Brigade is the foremost International Christian Uniformed Youth Organisation, with over one million members world-wide.

Our Mission is to provide youth opportunities within Churches, Community Groups, Schools and in any other Christian environment!


We promise lots of fun with your friends - new things and activities for boys and girls like you! Some groups are Boys Only but Girls may ask to join if possible.

There are quite a number of Raising the Bar training events throughout the UK and you can find out on the BBUK National website. Training for the new Under 11's Programme is very useful for your Company's staff so we can introduce new and exciting programmes with all of the weekly planning done! This is quite a boost for Companies needing new ideas!

2nd Radstock (Bath) and 2nd Somerton (near Glastonbury).
We welcome both new Companies into the County and wish all new BB and GA members and Leaders a GREAT TIME in the BB!

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